Industrial Test

Cinergia devices are carefully designed to be part of manual and automated test benches for functional and quality testing, as well as research and development of new products. Integrating our devices in test platforms is simple with the MODBUS/TCP protocol (other field buses are offered as an option), and the comprehensive documentation provided of the communication protocol. Labview drivers are supplied with each one of the equipment along with an open source Labview project that allows for a quick start.


Safety is a key point in our units

The cabinets are properly protected against direct and indirect contacts even with the door opened. Each device integrates an emergency stop push button on the door that will immediately stop the unit in a hardware-safe procedure. Normally-closed remote emergency stop push-buttons, or interlock relays, can be connected to a specific terminal and will stop the unit in the same way. For those cases where the read back of the local emergency push-button is supplied to the general safety and interlock system, our units include a normally open contact.

Typical platforms will include a Grid Simulator (GE+) as the voltage source that creates worldwide networks (50/60Hz, split-phase, etc…) and introduces specific disturbances needed to test the DUT under certain standards. An AC Electronic Load (EL+) will be included to test those DUT that generate voltage waveforms as Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), sinusoidal inverters, transformers, etc… The DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) can be used as a regenerative source and sink in DC applications. Our GE&EL+ family is the best fit for those applications looking for flexibility and versatility.

In product development applications our customers highlight the simple and intuitive use of the software user interface while, at the same time, it gives access to all the functionalities and versatility of the different models in our product line. Functions such as local datalogging, made by the unit itself, and software datalogging, made by the computer running the software, are added for convenience in those applications where real time is not needed.

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Our product line has been specially designed for functional testing, quality, R&D and academic applications.

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