Energy Storage System

Electricity has been traditionally produced and consumed at the same time because the available systems to store energy were not practical, expensive and bulky in most applications except emergency systems. The appearance of new battery technologies and the optimization of existing technologies as fuel cells and flywheel systems is changing this paradigm. Electrical Energy can be now stored cost-effectively and this will have a strong impact in the electrical system (smoothing the intermittency of renewable energies, storing excess of production, shifting peaks of consumption, increasing the efficiency, etc…) and in transportation (cars, trucks, buses, aircraft, ships, etc…). ESS are normally three-way systems connected to (1) an electrical grid, which can be used to import and export energy, to (2) a storage system in DC and to (3) loads or a microgrid that can combine loads with generation. Cinergia has vast experience in this field and can provide a comprehensive test solution.


Grid Simulator (GE+)

The Grid Simulator (GE+) is CINERGIA’s full-4Q regenerative voltage source and will create stable worldwide grids. The unit allows the generation of grid disturbances necessary for immunity testing and grid codes. Specific software tools for IEC-61000 compliant testing and LVRT are available. 

DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+)

The DC Bidirectional Converter (B2C+) can be used for functional testing and, in research applications, for emulating different technologies of battery by changing the parameters of the pre-programmed battery model. Thanks to its power amplifier functionality, the B2C+ can be connected to real time simulation systems when a different model of battery or storage system, as a fuel cell, is preferred.

For battery manufacturers and integrators, the B2C+ has a specific software tool specifically designed to test battery modules and packs. Charging, discharging, characterizing and ageing tests have never been so intuitive and flexible.

AC Electronic Loads and GE/EL+

The AC Electronic Loads (EL+) are full-4Q regenerative and bidirectional current sources that will simulate not only the electrical behaviour of loads (linear and non-linear, a house, a building, an electrical car, …) but also the electrical behaviour of grid-tied generators (Solar, Wind, CHP, Waves, Gas, Diesel, etc…). They will be typically connected to the load/microgrid output of the ESS. A different and innovative application possible with CINERGIA’s AC Electronic Load is the emulation of the RLC network needed in anti-islanding tests. 

Where simultaneity is not needed, the most flexible and cost-effective choice will be our All-in-One solutions (GE/EL+), which combine AC, DC, voltage source and current source in a single cabinet.

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