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The origins of the Cinergia founding team were in a university research and development center, so we understand the specific needs of Academic and Research applications. In addition to our standard catalogue of products, we can adapt to fit your particular requirements.


Research and development of control strategies of power electronics or power devices is one important field not only in universities but also in industrial R&D departments. Rapid Control Prototyping allows a reduction of development time by testing control algorithms on a real-time control system connected, through actual I/O signals, to the hardware under test. CINERGIA offers the possibility of using our hardware platform for Rapid Control Prototyping applications by replacing our standard control system by an adaptation board with two main purposes. Firstly, it will adapt mechanically and electrically the I/O signals from the real-time system to the I/O signals and connectors of our regenerative hardware platform. Secondly, the hardware will be self-protected by a DSP in the adaptation board that will read the voltage, current and temperature measurements and stop the PWM signals when a limit is reached.

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