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The GE&EL+ SiC presented at the electronica trade fair

Showcasing our latest development, the GE&EL+ with silicon carbide technology

The GE&EL+ SiC presented at the electronica trade fair

Last November, the International Trade Fair for Components, Systems and Applications in Electronics, electronica, was held in Munich. It is without a doubt the most important meeting in the electronics industry.

From CINERGIA, with our own stand at the fair, we presented our latest development, the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC, the most complete and versatile converter on the market for regenerative energy tests.

According to the R&D team, “The GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC is our entire catalogue in one cabinet, with all the characteristics that define our products: robustness, efficiency and quality, with state-of-the-art technology to take the product to a higher performance”.

This all-terrain SiC technology converter is suitable for most test applications in the field of renewable energy, Smartgrids, Power HiL, batteries, and electric vehicles.

Thanks to the bidirectional topology, AC/DC SiC Converters are regenerative, resulting in a reduction in both the energy consumed during testing and the power required from the electrical installation. This technology allows us to work in both directions as energy generators or offer consumption for the performance of all types of tests.

Optimized equipment with major enhancements

  • Higher switching frequency. Thanks to the SiC MOSFETs of the equipment, switching is increased to 60 kHz.

  • Greater bandwidth. A wider converter bandwidth translates into a more remarkable ability to control high-frequency and rapidly changing signals.

  • Reduction of ripple. The increase in the switching frequency is high enough to significantly improve the current ripple (3 times less) and voltage ripple (2.75 times less) due to switching.

  • More efficiency. Thanks to the use of SiC MOSFETs in both back-to-back configuration converters, the maximum efficiency of the entire system is raised above 94%.

  • The equipment has the same current capacity in DC mode as in AC mode. A SiC diode in antiparallel has been included, which has better electrical characteristics than a standard silicon diode and, in addition to reducing overall losses, allows for higher recirculation currents, which is a limiting factor when working in DC with nominal current and low voltages.

The fair was a great success, as confirmed by the positive response from customers and also from the CINERGIA team

Our Sales Manager, Miquel Teixidó, says that “the result has been fantastic, we have detected new opportunities, and we have also positioned ourselves as a very important competitor in AC functions”.

Bernat Carceller, Marketing Manager, assures that “it has been a turning point in the image of the brand, 4 years after the last fair, the growth and good work has led us to be recognized as a reference company in the sector. The fair has served us to meet with our distributors and to be able to dedicate time, not only to business but also to people. It has been a pleasure to share the success of CINERGIA”.

CINERGIA is proud to have been recognized as a reference company in the electronics industry thanks to its latest development, the GE&EL+ vAC/DC SiC converter. The converter with silicon carbide technology has been well received by customers, who have benefited from its high performance in a variety of areas including renewable energy, electromobility, power electronics, and automation. The success of the GE&EL+ SiC at the recent electronics fair has solidified CINERGIA's position as a leading competitor in the industry.

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