Quality Policy

CINERGIA POWER SOLUTIONS SL is the result of the know-how, experience and passion of our team committed to the development, production and marketing of power electronic solutions. Our areas of expertise include power electronics, digital control of converters, communications and HMI based on DSP. We provide solutions for Testing, R&D and academic applications.

The activities that CINERGIA POWER SOLUTIONS SL considers to be in accordance with the quality required according to the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 are:

Conception et production d'alimentations.

The Policy Statement includes as master lines:

1. Commitment to accomplish with the explicit and implicit requirements and expectations of our clients and the rest of the interested parties, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements.

2. Dissemination, at all levels of our structure, of the objectives and the criteria of Quality.

3. Design and development of an efficient and sustainable product.

4. Knowledge and experience to design, produce and customize high tech solutions.

5. Optimal working conditions through the evaluation of the risks that may occur to the processes, eliminating those, as far as possible, and reducing the evaluated ones.

6. Development of a continuous educational programs with the objective of the best qualification of our workers, thus involving all our personnel in the achievement of all the objectives established in this document.

7. Commitment to the continuous improvement of the management system implemented in the company.

8. Motivating environment of all the members of the company.

Management makes this policy accessible and available to its customers, its employees, suppliers and the general public.

The Policy is kept up-to-date through periodic reviews, coinciding with the management review of the system, in order to take into account changes in environmental conditions and the information received. In this sense, the management provides and will provide all the human, technical and economic resources needed to achieve the objectives and targets established scheduled and periodically.

See Cinergia's Quality Policy here

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