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Electronic Load (EL+)

Electronic Loads are power electronic devices specifically designed to emulate AC electrical loads. These devices are powerful enough to test electrical and electronic equipments in both linear and non-linear consumptions. In addition, Cinergia's electronic Loads have the capability to recover energy during the testing procedures and return it to the grid. These devices allow the verification of power sources or electrical equipment under testing in both normal and failure operations. Smart grids, Testing UPS, Electrical Vehicles, Renewable Inverters, AC and DC sources and electrical equipment in Industrial and R&D environments are the main applications of an Electronic Load.

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Enabling electrification & energy transition

We develop regenerative power converters for the test and measurement sector. Our capabilities and experience allow us to offer many other solutions for our customers. We are committed to continuous improvement, efficiency, and regenerative technology. Our passion for innovation enables us to develop advanced technological solutions that help our customers achieve their goals and move toward the energy transition and electrification of the future.

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